{leaving Wisconsin}

Tuesday 9/4  Chris spoke for an hour with someone from one of the children’s homes we sent in a resume to.  It seems like it was a really good conversation and we have a Skype interview set up for tomorrow at noon.

Wednesday 9/5  We are nervous and excited about this interview.  Please, Lord, shut the door to this place if it is not where You want us!  We will keep walking through doors until You shut them!  Miles is worried about not being able to bring his pets along.  I don’t blame him.  It’s on my heart also.  We have our long list of questions and concerns.

Thursday 9/6    We had a very good interview.  All of our questions were answered and we were very pleasantly surprised that most of our concerns about pets, etc were unfounded.  Wow.  Turns out that this place is very pet-friendly-it seems like we are very like-minded in many ways.

Friday 9/7   The people at S.A. (the children’s home) spent time praying and talking and called us back to offer us the position.  We asked when they needed us and they told us that they could use us as soon as possible.

Monday 9/10   We are working full-time on getting ready for this big move to Arizona.  This week we are planning for our HUGE rummage sale.  Planning on selling everything we have (except for some special home decorations, a few pieces of furniture and clothing.  Our goal is to fit everything into a 14ft truck)  So much to do.  Trusting God’s leading…


Friday and Saturday 9/13&14   Rummage sale.  Most everything sold.  For very cheap, but it is just important to get rid of stuff.  We are told that almost everything we need will be provided.

Wednesday 9/18   TJ coming up and I’m going home with her to Sheboygan


Thursday-Saturday 9/19-21  In Chicago with Clare and Nikki for the Revive Our Hearts conference.  Wonderful, wonderful time…I loved the speakers.


Friday 9/27   Picking up the truck today and packing it all up.  Lots of friends coming over to help.  Pastor Gary is coming over to do an interview with Chris and I.  Just an opportunity to share about God’s faithfulness and provision and what this next part of our journey is going to look like.  It is part of a series they are doing at Pathways.


Saturday and Sunday  9/28 and 29  We are spending one last weekend in Sheboygan with family…Johnsons are coming up and we are staying with the Balint family.  It is so hard leaving family.  One more Sunday at E-Free Church with our friends, and then we leave after church.


The end of September and the first week of October was a week of traveling.  It was a very long week, but we could feel people’s prayers for us.  It was beautiful to see different parts of the country and we are excited about this new chapter in our life!!






Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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