{religion that God accepts}

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The boys just left with Chris for their first day of school.  It will be quiet today-just Chris, Anna and I.  We need to run a few errands, but mostly today will be working on a resume to send out to children’s homes and maybe that church in North Carolina.

Lord, how desperately I need You!  As I open Your Word and study the book of James today-please give me the message that You want me to hear from You today.


Help me to not run ahead of You, but to wait patiently for Your plan to unfold.  

You are God alone from before time began
You are on Your throne, You are God alone
and right now, in the good times and bad
You are on Your throne, You are God alone
Today’s homework seems to speak very much to where our hearts are right now.  Is this message really from You?
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: 
to look after orphans and widows in their distress
and to keep oneself unpolluted from the world.  James 1:27
After Beth talks about “adjusting your lens and see what specific opportunities make your heart jump…or maybe sink”, she says a couple of things which speak to the doubts that I shared with Chris last night (I had a migraine, and was feeling like maybe working at a children’s home is not something I wanted to do-or that I could do)
She is talking about keeping ourselves unpolluted from the world.  
“A heavy veil of smog between us and God’s horizon, distorting our vision and weakening our resolve.”  
“James wrote for people serving actively, openly and humbly, right in its thick, pungent pollution.  So, how on earth do we serve in it without smelling like it?”
“With serious discipline and determination, that’s how.  With courage and deep conviction.  With a large daily dose of the Holy Ghost, as my girlfriend says.”
“You don’t life this like accidentally.  You make up your mind who you want to be and daily die to the rest.  You surrender yourself to living in the tension where you’ll always be stretched and often be broken.  Religion pure and undefiled is grit without the grime.  You accept that easier ways to live exist, but you were born for nothing less.  And when we sniff ourselves and smell the world, we run to the One who can wash us.”
Lord, I asked You to speak to my heart.  Is this what You are telling me-that I can do this children’s home thing?  That it isn’t supposed to be easy?  That you want to stretch me and break me in order to use me?
Today we are going to start sending in applications and resumes to different children’s homes.  Please, Lord, direct us, guide us, and please protect us from discouragement.  Confirm in our hearts Your calling on our life.  

Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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