Meal Plan

A meal plan for the next little while…


  • Monday-cold cereal, muffins, fruit
  • Tuesday-oatmeal, muffins, fruit
  • Wednesday-eggs, bagels, fruit
  • Thursday-oatmeal, muffins, fruit
  • Friday-granola/muesli, muffins, fruit


  • Monday-peanut butter and honey, veggies, pretzels
  • Tuesday-pita pizzas/burritos/quesadillas, veggies
  • Wednesday-meat sandwich, veggies, chips
  • Thursday-soup/salad, bread/muffins
  • Friday-tuna/egg salad sandwich, veggies, pretzels


  • freezer meal (busy day)
  • crockpot meal
  • meatless meal
  • soup meal
  • meatless meal
  • nice meat meal with dessert
  • leftovers or ramen noodles


  • muffins once a month (take bag out of freezer the night before)
  • make large batch of granola/muesli once a month
  • slice and bag all veggies once a week
  • every two weeks, make up a bunch of quesadillas, burritos and pita pizzas and freeze
  • make biscuits and cheesy bread/freeze until ready to bake
  • double recipes like baked spaghetti, chili, rice and black bean bake, other soups, etc

Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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