In His Presence….day three


Tuesday, February 5th, 2013, 8:13am

Sitting in bed, feeling so woozy and congested.  Tears as I send the boys out the door to do childcare this morning.  I didn’t realize how attached I am getting to those little ones that I get to spend Tuesday mornings with…  Lord, I don’t understand why I continue to be sick-it seems like it’s getting worse.  Is there anything else I should be doing/not doing?  Please let me know so that I can be back functioning whole again.

I’m just tired right now.  And sitting up not so easy.  But move me from my bedroom to Your throne room.  I just want to set aside the way I feel to learn from You.  Open my heart to learn from You.

Exodus 39-40

Seems at first, just mundane details about how they did what God told them to do.  But I can’t help but notice how many times this certain phrase is repeated.

“just as the Lord commanded”

Over and over, it is repeated.  And then in verse 33, Moses finishes the work.  He had done everything “just as the Lord commanded”.  No exceptions, no excuses, no arguing with God about why a certain way might be better.  He simply did everything that God told him to do, exactly like God told him to do it.

Lord, I am wondering where I am failing to do something “just as You commanded”.  I know that in the past, I’ve wondered about some movies/shows that we watch.  How do I know if I am doing just as You command, or if I am being legalistic?  How do I know if I am making too big a deal about something?  What if it is a big deal to You, and I’m trying to excuse it, or compromise on it?  I don’t want to do that to You!  Please give me wisdom.  I don’t want anything in my life to be offensive to You, Lord.  I want to do everything “just as You commanded”.

Because I think that this next verse is the result of that kind of obedience.

“Then the cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle.”

I want Your presence over me.  I want Your glory to fill me.  I understand that, in Christ, I am covered by His blood and that You see me in Him.  But I do think there is something to this idea of You covering me and filling me.  Maybe it is not so much about who I am in Christ, as much as it is how You can use me.  There is nothing that I can do to merit Your presence in me.  But, because of His blood, here You are.  Your Spirit, dwelling within me.  But I know that our sin can hinder us from being used by You.  I don’t know.  My brain is foggy today.  I feel like I am thinking of something, but I can’t think of what it is.  So, Lord, this is one of those times that I’m asking Your Spirit to teach my spirit, so that I understand the beauty and significance of Moses finishing the work according to Your commands, and then Your presence covered the tent, and Your glory filled the tabernacle.

Psalm 15

Lord, I know that in and of myself, I would never be able to enter into Your presence.  I understand that it is only because of the precious blood of Jesus that I’m able to stand before You.  But I never want to use that as a license to live however I want.  I know that some people do “what is right” in order to achieve holiness.  But I know that in You, I am holy, and therefore, I will do “what is right”.  I do not want to settle, or make excuses, or compromise.  I will strive to live according to Your desires.  I know that I will fail, because I am human.  But I do trust that You love me, and that You will forgive me.  And we will walk forward together.

I’m just thinking about all the comments and attitudes I hear and perceive that say “we don’t need to strive towards being blameless, doing what is righteous, speaking truth, etc.”  The attitude that I hear is “I’m not perfect, but I’m forgiven.  I’m being ‘real”.  What’s the big deal?”  And that makes my heart sad.  That’s not what You want, right?  I am hearing from You that yes, we are not perfect.  Yes, You will forgive us, if we are repentant.  And yes, You want us to be real.  But it’s a HUGE deal.  You shed Your blood for that.  As hard as it is to watch, I do need to watch The Passion from time to time.  I know it’s a movie, Lord, but it has helped me realize a bit of what You went through for me.  Lord, Your blood is precious, and I do not ever want to take that lightly.  Do not let me stomp on Your blood.  Do not ever let me scorn Your suffering.  Your blood covering us is precious to me, and it is our LIFE.  It is our EVERYTHING.

Oh, how I love You for what You have done for me.  You are the One that I want to be like.  So, I will strive to be like You, because You are my hero.  Almighty God, no matter what others may say, You are worthy of my absolute devotion and attention to Your commands.  You are Holy.  You are more than I will ever be able to comprehend.  And I do not take lightly the truth that You want to abide in me.  So, let me always strive to reflect You.  It is a big deal.  And I cannot let the attitudes of the world affect my thinking.  I know this is true.

Acts 12

Just a couple of thoughts from this chapter.  Verses 5 tells us that the church was earnestly praying and in verse 12, we are told that a large group had met in Mark’s home (his mother’s) to pray for Peter.  Lord, if there are times that You want us to do this for someone, please tell us.  I love how the church interacted with each other at the very beginning.  These types of moments are precious-and I would love to start having more of them in our home.

I love how You told about Rhoda, who left Peter standing at the gate, she was so excited.  I just think it was kind of funny, and I love that You told that part of the story!

In verse 23, Herod was struck down because He did not give praise to God, when the people were praising him.  I realize how serious that is, and think back to times, that I have not given You credit for something.  Even being able to play keys for worship team is something that You allow and work in me.  Please help me to remember that in the future.  To give You praise.  Anything good comes from You.  And You do deserve the glory!

Lord, give me a thankful heart.  Even in being sick.  I want to be thankful.


Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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