In His Presence….day 2

Monday, February 4th, 2013  6:48am

Lord, I am feeling ugh this morning.   Lack of sleep last night, my stomach already lurching this morning, and for some reason, I am feeling uptight and almost angry.  Why?  The enemy?

But today is Michaela’s birthday.  18 years old.  Am I old enough to have an 18 year old?  Oh, how desperately I wanted her and prayed for her.  I love that girl-thank you so much for her.  I feel like there is so much that I need to teach her yet.  So much that she needs to know before she goes off on her own.  Please, Lord, give her wisdom and discernment.  Give her the “know-how” that she needs.  And keep drawing her to Yourself.  I love hearing her heart and how much she wants to honor You.  Please don’t ever let that love for You leave her.  Please give her a really special day today-help her to know how much she is loved and appreciated.  Give us ways to serve her and love her.

I desperately need You to change the way I am feeling this morning.  To set my heart on truth.  To give me a thankful heart.  To focus on you, not on the way I am feeling.  And to trust that you will provide for every need we have.  Lord, we need Your wisdom!  Desperately!

As I read this morning, please show Your self to me.  I need to change my focus today, LORD.  Lord, I empty myself of me…take away my thoughts, my fears, my doubts, my selfish thoughts and fill me with Your Holy Spirit.  I need You.  I truly need You.

Exodus 37 and 38.

I’m curious as to the meaning of the acacia wood.  He is so specific as to what kind of wood, I wonder if it has a particular meaning.  I don’t remember if Beth Moore talked about that in the tabernacle study…I need to check on that.

In verse 19, it is talking about the lampstand, shaped like almond flowers.  The almond flower was a sign of hope.  Is this signifying Jesus, as the Light of the World, the Hope of Israel? 

Verse 29-I am just curious what the incense smelled like that was burned?  Why the incense?  Did it help control the bad odor of the continual sacrifices outside the tent?  I wonder if I would have like that smell? 

I’m reading all this, Lord, feeling like I am missing out on some deeper meaning.  I need to pull out my study on the tabernacle and look that over to renew some of this in my mind.  I just feel like there must have been a reason for you to be so specific when You inspired Moses to write this down, and I know You-I know You don’t waste words on just a literal meaning.  There is always something deeper behind it.  I would like to ask Anna for the name of that series that Mike was doing on the tabernacle.  Maybe we could get our hands on a copy-that would be neat to go through as a family. 

Psalm 19

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.  Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.  They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them.  Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.”

One really cool thing about doing my quiet time this way is that I can add video.  God, You are so amazing.  I love this video that Mom and Dad sent.

Lord, if anyone reads this blog, please move them to click on this link…I love, love, love praising You with the whales and the stars!  How Great is our God!  And all will see how great is our God!!!!  I am overwhelmed by Your greatness, LORD.

And I love these verses at the end of this chapter.  This is the beauty of Your Word.   This is how I feel when I spend time in Your Word.

I am refreshed-because Your laws, Your instructions are perfect.  You make me wise, because I can trust Your decrees.
You bring joy to my heart when I obey your commandments.
You help me to see the way things are because Your words are a lamp for my feet, and a light for my path.
This awe that I have of You will last forever.
I can trust that everything You tell me to do is righteous and fair.
Lord, I truly do love Your Word…each and every of Your Words.
Let me cling to them more than I do our paycheck, or our food and clothing.  Let me treasure them above all else.
Lord, I know You speak to me through Your Word, and I know that You warn me
if I am even drifting towards dangerous ground.  Please make me listen to You!!!
I know there is so much in my life that I cannot see, so please show me where I am displeasing to You.
Stop me, when You see me heading toward a choice that rebels against what You’ve told me to do or not to do.
I truly want to please You, Lord.  With all that I am and with all that I say.  Let me be pleasing to

Acts 11

Lord, I thank You for Your grace in my life.  And Your mercy.  Lord, help me to remain true to You with all my heart.  You have met with me and ministered to me.  Now, please use me to minister to my children.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit up much yet today-feeling pretty woozy right now, but please let me be blessing and encouragement to them as they tackle schoolwork.  Let them see You in me today.  Please. 


Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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