When He places you on a new path…

I am in a place that I’m not sure I’ve ever been before.  I have been asking God where He wants me to serve in our church, and I have been taking steps in the direction that I thought He wanted me to take.  And up until today, I  saw only one path in front of me.

Until today.

Today, I think that God is telling me to get off this particular path, and follow another.  I love the path that I was following, and I was excited about it, but I have peace with this not being my place, at least for right now.

So, today I am starting down a new path.  I’m not even sure where it will lead, but I know what I am supposed to do next.

This song is one that the worship team sang at the close of our services this weekend.  As I have been listening to it over and over, my heart is crying out to Him, “This is me-I know I’m weak and I don’t have much to offer, but what I have is all Yours.  Please use me!”


Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

2 thoughts on “When He places you on a new path…”

  1. My dearest friend,in the many years that I have been blessed in not only knowing you ,but having the blessing of you and your BEAUTIFUL fam. in my life ,know that the LOrd is always near<3 Not a day goes by that I dont pray and thank the Lord for the gift of our friendship<3 the love that you have so freely given me in the good and bad times of my life and struggles.Press on in your walk with the Lord<3 I love you<3 and may God continue to bless you.,, Veronica Lilianna Benavides

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