One Year in Appleton

It has been just over one year since we have moved!  I really enjoyed looking through some of the photos of our move.

Mercy and Gracie out in the back yard one last time (toboggan ready to pack)
Michaela’s empty room
our bedroom (I really miss the hardwood floors!)
the dining room filled to the brim with stuff awaiting the truck
I really miss my pantry!
a trip down memory lane…this is where Chris would sit and feed Miles his midnight bottle when Miles was a baby!
one last time playing my piano in our house…with a heart full of memories and eyes full of tears

But, God had a new home in store for us…

Chantel loves our new yard!
Bob and Gavin putting together the boy’s bunkbeds!
delirious from exhaustion?
our new living room 

eating a picnic lunch with those dear friends that helped us move

In some ways, this year has gone by so very fast.  And at other times, I feel like we have been here forever.  My heart sometimes still aches for our home, our church family and the friends we had in Sheboygan.

And yet, there are times that my heart aches with joy over the way God has provided us with our beautiful home here, the church family we are growing to love deeply, and the new friends we have met in the past year.

This year has been hard.  A new kind of schooling for the children and I, being away from those that are so very dear to our hearts, sickness and uncertainty, new job responsibilities-all of these things were difficulties that we had to deal with.  And yet, in all of this, God was ever-present and sent encouragement in so many different ways.

A worship song sung on Sunday morning

a next door neighbor (or two) coming over with banana bread or a bowl of fresh strawberries

families from our new church, who never having met us, gladly brought us meals after my surgery

a friendly face behind the information counter at church, inviting us to their life group

the people I am in choir with, a group of people that literally shine Jesus’ love to the world around them

our children getting involved in serving at church

I am profoundly thankful that He had all this planned out for us, even before we knew we would be moving.  He is faithful, and He is good.  He gives us what we need, when we need it.  He is a Holy, Almighty God that has purposes for us that we do not even know yet.  As I say goodbye to our first year here, and look into the upcoming year, my heart’s desire is that whatever He desires for us, that we will be found worthy and willing to accomplish it- by His power and for His glory.


Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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