There’s bad news….but there’s good news!

The bad news is…

The drainage line out of our house is clogged, and we can’t drain any water (i.e. no shower, no dishes, no cleaning, no laundry)  Basically, everything that I planned on doing today, I can’t do until this problem gets fixed.  But the good news is…

I now have time to post on here!

Life is still busy, but things are slowing down as we are gearing up for our family vacation in Missouri.  The rummage sale is over and I will be sending the proceeds to Lifesong for Orphans today or tomorrow (depending on when I can get my shower in!)

A couple of weekends ago, we returned to Sheboygan and worked all day moving TJ and John (my sister and her fiance) into their new home.  As hard as all the cleaning and unpacking were, we had a great time together.  Many hands truly do make light work!  It was so much fun to see their home take shape, and to see how it encouraged them to watch things come together.

Last weekend was the wedding.  My sister’s wedding was simple and beautiful.  The words that were spoken were truly lovely, bringing tears to my eyes and a renewal in my heart of my vows to my dear husband!  Before the wedding, Michaela and I spent time with John’s two girls and my niece, Olivia.  John’s mom let us meet at her house, and we had such a fun time, visiting while doing hair and painting fingernails.  It was a special time of bonding for us girls!  And afterwards, our dinner at the restaurant was SO wonderful.  Laughter is something that we do well in our family!  And we were excelling that night!

This week is just about making lists and pulling things together for vacation, along with a few extra practices for the upcoming patriotic program at church (which is going to be AMAZING!)   AND…

my dear hubby’s birthday.  He turns 39 on Friday, and I’m so sad that the restaurant that he chose to go to for his birthday dinner closed down this last week.  So, he is deciding what his second choice is, and as soon as I am done posting this, I am gonna start work on his b-day gift (which I can’t talk about yet, as he does read my blog!)

Chris, around 5 months old

That is our life these days.  Still busy, but with relaxation on the horizon! (I can’t wait!)


Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

2 thoughts on “There’s bad news….but there’s good news!”

  1. I thought this might be you, but I had to come over to make sure. We are on the IA/MO border. Any way you could swing by on your way down or back? We have plenty of room. Email me. ~Langela

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