Community: What It Means to Me

I know that God is doing something in my heart.  And it has to do with the community of believers. I am not seeing the big picture yet, but it all started with visiting the (in)courage website.

I saw the words “Gitzen Girl” and “choose joy”.  Choosing joy was a concept I was trying to wrap my heart around as I was trying to process what all has been going on with my back and its slow healing, and the possibility that the way I live my life might change drastically.  So, I went to the beginning of Sara’s blog and read my way through.  By the end, I was sobbing.  I was also very much reminded that I can serve God and others (with joy), no matter what circumstances I find myself in.

After I finished reading her blog, I went back to the the (in)courage website and saw something about a web-conference that would be happening.  I checked my calendar and nope, we didn’t have anything planned that weekend.  I also (with the help of my friend, Amy) got in touch with the lady in charge to find out if I could go even if I didn’t have anyone else to “meet-up” with, or if I wasn’t a blogger and yes, Lisa-Jo assured me that I was absolutely welcome to tune in to the conference and I didn’t have to be a blogger.  I felt compelled to attend, so I registered.

As conference time has gotten closer, and we are receiving updates, the theme I keep “hearing” is being transparent and reaching out.  Two things which, frankly, I haven’t been doing.

Last night at choir, our director was talking about worship.  Specifically, leading worship.  I don’t think she used these words, but in effect she was telling us that, as worship leaders, we need to be transparent.  To allow others to see into our hearts and connect with other people, people in need of a Saviour, a people in awe of God, people that want to praise Him.

I have been more deliberate about posting on my blog because I realize that I want to be part of community-and community that reaches further than my geographic location.  I love the thought that we can be physically distant from one another and yet, tied together.  Only God can do something like that…if we let Him.

So, like I said, I can’ see the big picture, but the topic of community (being transparent and reaching out) keeps coming up, so I know He’s trying to tell me something.  I am praying that maybe the conference this weekend will shed some more light on this area.  I am willing to be transparent and reach out, and I want to be a blessing.  I want to live “in community” with others- true community.


Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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