Blessed with Time

Even though “taking it easy” while I recuperate from surgery has not been the easiest thing to do, I am struck this afternoon with the thought that I have been blessed with all this time to focus on just a few things, rather than the so many different things that are usually bouncing around in my mind.

~I have been able to dream (and start planning) my sister’s wedding reception
~I have finally finished working on our 2012 budget
~I am looking forward to working on a presentation of my parent’s ministries over the years
~most of all, I get to pray. A lot.

I love talking with the Lord, and I think I would probably describe my prayer life as an ongoing conversation between us. There’s not always a clear starting or stopping point. Sometimes, He or I get interrupted with math questions, or sibling rivalry, but He understands. We just pick up where we left off when the quiet returns.
These days, I get to talk to Him a lot about other people and the struggles and joys they are facing. Something that I didn’t expect was how much my heart would be reminded of what a person means to me. Some, I haven’t even seen for years, some I don’t know that well, but as I pray, God carves out a little place in my heart for them. I am glad, because when my body is healed and I am back to many things bouncing around in my brain and I don’t have the time to sit on Facebook all day long (grin), each person will still have a little place in my heart that will remind me to pray for them.
So, here I sit, excited and wanting to make the most of the coming days. Thank You, Lord, for all these precious people that You have put into my life. Let me not take lightly the privilege You are giving me, for this season, to intercede on their behalf! Thank you for blessing me with this time!


Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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