My “wish” list

Can I just share with you about this little piece of paper that I’ve been carrying around in my day planner for several months?
On this piece of paper, I jotted down (and drew little pictures, of course!) all the things that I would love to have in a home.  I guess I just figured that I might as well write down the things that I dream of and then commit my “wish list” to the Lord, knowing that He knows what we need, and trusting that if He didn’t give me something on my wish list, it was for a very good reason.

Here’s my list:

~large, fenced in back yard with trees and space for a vegetable garden…I love fresh veggies for salsa
~front yard with white picket fence, some kind of wild looking flower growing
~attached garage
~woodwork throughout the house
~front porch with a porch swing
~a bay window where I can display my Christmas village in the winter
~entryway closet with space for lots of coats and shoes
~laundry chute
~four bedrooms
~hard wood floors
~staircase with bannister (you know, so I can decorate it at Christmas time…)
~finished basement (have I mentioned that I have four very active boys?)
~2 bathrooms
~dining room big enough for our table (8 feet long)
~kitchen with windows, light and counterspace
~old fashioned attic
~central air (we’ve got kids with asthma, so that one’s pretty much a necessity)
~hot water heat
~large living room with built in bookshelves
~a guest room/office/library
~a place where I can set up my scrapbooking without having to take it down for dinnertime
~laundry area that’s warm, and nice area to fold clothing, ironing, etc

That is the list that I have been carrying around with me.  I can’t post pictures right now, because our landlord still lives there and I want to respect their privacy, but can I tell you a little about our house?

It has an attached two car garage and nice driveway where we can put up the basketball hoop.
The front porch is small, but there is space to put in a swing.
There is a beautiful tree in our front yard.
When you walk into the house, there is a very large coat closet in a hallway that leads to the eating area of the kitchen.
The living room is to the right~we will use that for my piano, all of our bookshelves and books…our library/living room.  And a bay window for all my St Nicholas village collection.
The dining room is off the living room, and the perfect size for our dining room table…
and have I mentioned that all the floors downstairs are a wood laminate?
The kitchen has a window over the sink, so now for the first time ever, I can wash dishes while watching my children play in the back yard (and now I’ll know “what really happened”) There are deep pantry shelves, a separate area for another table, a huge window overlooking the back yard…and a laundry chute.
From the kitchen you enter our family room, which because of the large size and the warm carpeted floor will also double as my office/scrapbook nook and a guest room.  This room has a fireplace and built in bookshelves.
Between the kitchen and the family room is the half bath (hallelujah!  two toilets!)
Down in the basement is a huge room which is paneled and ready to turn into a space for legos/playmobil/Wii/fusbol…and all the other things the boys love to do!
Chris has a huge workspace at one end, and there is a little laundry area set up at the other (for me, of course)
If you go upstairs, you will find lovely carpet all throughout.  (this was on my husband’s wish list)  A linen closet in the hallway (never had one of those before) and four bedrooms, all with large closets.  The bathroom has a large sink and an entire wall of shelving in the outer room, and a little sink, toilet and shower in the inner room…and the laundry chute!
The back yard is large (well, certainly compared to our tiny one right now) with a beautiful birch tree on one side, and some evergreens lining the back of the lot. We were told right away that we could plant a garden, if we liked that kind of thing…are you smiling?

I hope that as you’ve compared my list to the home that I just described, you are standing in amazement and awe of God’s goodness.  We are overwhelmed and overjoyed at His provision.  We have committed ourselves and this home to Him…it is not ours, He is asking us to take care of it and share it…and I cannot wait to do just that.  In fact, we already have two dear familes lined up to come and spend weekends with us….maybe we can add you to the calendar?

Thanks for letting me share…I am excited, and I look forward to posting pictures when the time is right!


Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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