• God is a rock of safety   Psalm 28:1
  • God is glory and strength   Psalm 29:1
  • His name is glorious   Psalm 29:2
  • His holiness is full of splendor   
  • He thunders   Psalm 29:3
  • His voice is powerful   Psalm 29:4
  • His voice is full of majesty   Psalm 29:4
  • His voice splits the mighty cedars   Psalm 29:5
  • His voice strikes with lightning bolts   Psalm 29:7
  • His voice makes the desert quake   Psalm 29:8
  • His voice twists mighty oaks; strips the forest bare   Psalm 29:9
  • He rules over the flood waters   Psalm 29: 10
  • He reigns as King forever   Psalm 29:10
  • His anger lasts for a moment  Psalm 30:5
  • His favor lasts for a lifetime   Psalm 30:5
  • He always does what is right   Psalm 31:1
  • He is my rock and my fortress   Psalm 31:3
  • He is a faithful God   Psalm 31:5
  • His love is unfailing  Psalm 31:7
  • He sees our trouble   Psalm 31: 7
  • He cares about the anguish of our souls  Psalm 31:7
  • His goodness is so great   Psalm 31:19
  • He has stored up great blessings for those who honor Him   Psalm 31:19
  • He shelters those who come to Him for protection  Psalm 31:19
  • He protects all those who are loyal to Him  Psalm 31:23
  • He harshly punishes the arrogant   Psalm 31:23
  • The Word of the Lord holds true   Psalm 33:4
  • Everything He does is worthy of our trust   Psalm 33:4
  • He loves whatever is just and good   Psalm 33:5
  • His unfailing love fills the earth   Psalm 33:5
  • The Lord merely spoke and the heavens were created   Psalm 33:6
  • He breathed the Word and the stars were born   Psalm 33:6
  • He gave the sea boundaries   Psalm 33:7
  • He locked the oceans in vast reservoirs   Psalm 33:7
  • When He spoke, the world began   Psalm 33:9
  • The Lord’s plans stand firm forever; His intentions cannot be shaken   Psalm 33:11
  • He looks; He sees; He observes    Psalm 33:13-14
  • He made our hearts, so He understands everything we do   Psalm 33:15
  • The Lord watches over them that fear Him   Psalm 33: 18

Never forget, HE IS OUR GOD!


Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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