An Excellent Wife

April 8, 2001

I am starting to go through a book, Beautiful in God’s Eyes.  What does the the woman described in Proverbs 31 look like?

  • she is trustworthy
  • she likes to work hard for her family
  • she is not lazy, she is motivated
  • she is productive
  • she makes herself physically strong, she is not a frail and flimsy woman
  • she is confident
  • she is dependable
  • she is kind and caring
  • she meets the needs of the poor and needy
  • she plans for her family’s clothing
  • she takes care of her appearance
  • she contributes to her household
  • she is strong and dignified
  • she is confident-she smiles at the future (one of Nikki MacDonald’s favorite verses)
  • she is wise
  • she is a nurturer-she looks WELL to the ways of her household
  • she is not idle-she is always working on something
  • she fears the Lord

I believe that God included this portrait of an excellent wife in Scripture because this world wants to blur the line between men and women, stealing away the beauty and honor of each role.  This is a high calling that God has given us.  It is not an easy task, or for the faint-hearted.

What are things that I know bother Chris, and can make efforts to change in order to show him that he is my at the top of my people priority list?  

I know that he would like it if I wouldn’t have to be on the phone any more than necessary while he is home.  Making sure that he always has clean clothes in his drawers is another thing I can do for him.
He also would like healthy snacks and drinks available.  And I know that it is important to him to have a relaxing place to rest.  I am sure that each man is different, but I know that these are things that MY husband has made mention of that speak of my caring/uncaring for him.

Lord, I want to be able to say that the heart of my husband safely trusts in me, that I do him good, and not harm, all the days of my life.


Author: Nichole

There are so many things about life that I want to share with my children, and this is simply my way to collect everything in one place.

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